Idea girl, artist and founder of Latina Vega Photography, Latina Vega is an urbanista, if there is even such a word.


    She is not only a native of New York City, but a lover of its people, sounds, smells (yes smells, but more about that later) and sites.


    Although she’s lived all over the world (Japan, Germany, Hawaii, Guam – Yes, Guam) and these fine places introduced her to new people, big ideas and global concepts that helped shape the person she is today, in the end it all brought her back to the city she left in her youth, her first love.

   Latina grew up in the streets of the Bronx, dealing Pop Rocks and Now and Laters, no, not really, but she was an 80’s kid.  She fashioned leg warmers and red lipstick, but who didn’t in the 80’s?  Her celebrity crushes were, Michael Jackson and Ralph Macchio (try not to judge).


   Today, Latina is a two time world (and by this, I mean she beat the same person twice) champion of Words with Friends, she can’t play sports but she can swing a mean bat and she can cook a slam’n Puerto Rican meal. She also likes to talk about herself in the third person, hence this bio.

    She started her career in photography as a hobby, while living overseas to keep family updated on her life while away.  What began as her way of documenting life overseas fast became a creative outlet for her.


    She loved the feedback she received from friends and clients, especially her boudoir clients.  After hearing one say "I never saw how beautiful I could be" she knew she had to help others see their true beauty as well.  She feels everyone deserves to know who they really are.  Weddings allow her to live vicariously through the brides to help them plan one of the most important days of their lives.


    Her work can be found in Get Married Magazine,, Confetti Events Blog, and on countless Facebook walls all over America.

When working with Latina, you are given the opportunity to collaborate with someone who is organized, detailed oriented and a bit OCD.  She probably gets that from her days spent in the Air Force.  Oh, did I forget to mention her days as a slap-happy, saluting Airman?  Well, now you know she has done it all.  From the military, to parenthood, to world traveler and beloved New Yorker, Latina Vega is one well rounded mujer.


 And about the smells I mentioned earlier…  You should ask her about that one in person.

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